Flexible Analytics for Mobile Apps

App Insights is an online analytics service for mobile apps.
Complete flexibility allows app developers and publishers to collect
data that is essential for developing successful and profitable apps.

App-specific data tracking

App Insights is one of the most flexible analytics services available. Smart-charts and tables allow developers to collect app-specific data quickly and efficiently.

Secure and anonymous

All your data is encrypted and stored on our secure dedicated servers. Daily backups protect against data loss, and no personally identifiable data is collected or stored.

Share with your clients

We understand the importance of developer-client collaboration. To support that, developers can
easily setup and manage ‘client accounts’; giving your clients 24/7 online access to all
insights related to their app.

Crash and error reporting

App Insights is an indispensable tool for tracking crash and error reports;
enabling developers to quickly and efficiently iron out in-app glitches and bugs
— resulting in increased user retention.

Unlimited customer support

App Insights offers unlimited one-to-one customer support. Talk to our team via our dedicated online ticket-based support desk, check the knowledgebase or visit the support forums.

Our app analytics packages


  • Insights for up to 5 apps
  • Up to 50,000 Insights PCM
  • Unlimited customer support


  • Insights for up to 20 apps
  • Up to 500,000 Insights PCM
  • Unlimited customer support

Blue Whale

  • Insights for unlimited apps
  • Up to 6,000,000 Insights PCM
  • Unlimited customer support
App - An app includes all versions of the same app on any platform.
Insight - An insight is any piece of data sent from your app to the App Insights system.

Mobile Analytics

Whether you are an app developer, publisher or marketer, understanding user behaviour is an extremely important part of what you do.

Analytics data can improve this understanding and help to develop and nurture a more successful mobile app.

App Insights gives you the flexibility to track any event inside your app; ultimately resulting in helping you to make informed decisions, satisfy your clients, build your business and cut development costs.


Other platforms coming soon...

Why choose us?

  • Quick and easy integration with your mobile app.
  • Track any event inside your app, without limitations.
  • Capture error reports and application crashes.
  • Share your analytics reports with clients and co-workers.
  • Real-time data collection for connected devices.
  • Accurate time-stamping of data for offline devices.
  • Analytics reports can be exported to your local machine.
  • Available for iOS and Android (more platforms coming soon).

Happy customers

“App Insights allows us to fine-tune our apps to meet our customers’ needs, and enables us to focus our development. It saves us both time and money, but more importantly helps to give a better user experience.”

“From a client perspective, the App Insights service has been invaluable; helping us to focus future developments on parts of our app that are under-performing.”

“Just thought I would drop you guys a line to thank you for your super-fast response to my support ticket”

“We develop several apps per month for clients around the world, and it’s great to be able to offer them that little something extra after the launch of their much loved app!”